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Artificial stones

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Artificial stones

The main type of products:
Imitation quartz stone

The artificial stone is polymer composites which was made with unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, the nature stone powder, granule as filler and add pigment and other adjuvant through the process of vacuum casting or compression molding.

Products advantages
The artificial stones has follow advantages comparing with conventional stone materials:
1、No radiation, it is good to human’s health
2、Greatly reduce the Greatly reducing the yeild of mine and protecting the vegetation, which is benefit for the environmental protection           3、There are much varieties and designs and can meet different client’s requirement

Application fields
It can be widely used in architectural ornament, table-board, water channel, furniture bathroom accessory and are works, especially in architectural ornament, which has wide market in north-west five-province of China and central Asian countries.

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