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Unsaturated polyester resin

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Unsaturated polyester resin

The main products include:
Orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin
Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin


The unsaturated polyester resins we produced are made by polycondensation of dicarboxylic acid (or anhydride) or compound acid of unsaturated dicarbosylic acid and saturated dicarbosylic acid (or anhydride) and polyatomic alcohol, which is a linetype polymer compound with ester bond and unsaturated double bond.

Products advantages:
1.Good performance of process: the resin can be cured in ambient temperature and formed in ordinary pressure, has a flexible performance.
2. High cost performance, its price is much lower than epoxy resin and vinyl resin.

Application fields
1、Reinforce materials fields ( such as: GRP pipe, wind turbine blades)
2、Functional plane materials (such as: manu-marble, imitation quartz stone)
3、Surface coating materials (such as: anticorrosion paint, gel coat)

At present, there is no unsaturated polyester resin manufacturer in North-west five-province of China and central Asian countries.


The process flow of unsaturated polyester resin

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