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Nacelle cover for wind power

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Nacelle cover for wind power

The main type include: 1.5MW/2.5MW/3.0MW

The Nacelle cover of wind drive generator is a large GRP shell structure, which consists of bottom nacelle, top nacelle, air-vent, supporting wing and protective shell.

Brief introduction of production process
Vacuum Resin Infusion Process (VRIP), which also was called Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding Process(VARTM). This process use the vacuum as drive and inject the resin into prefabricated formed reinforce materials. The mould consists of flexible films and rigid half-mould. Adopting guide mediums to form soakage field with high flow on the surface of component and make the resin rapidly extending the whole surface of products, consequently, the pathway and the period of resin soakage was greatly shortened. The ratio of holes and gaps of the products can approach 1%-1.5% and the content of fiber glass can be controlled withing60%-70%. 

Products advantage:

1.Good compactedness and uniformity, high strength 

2.High success rate of pouring so that increase the quality of products

3.Greatly improved the working environment


The fairing of wind power generator group

The Nacelle cover of wind power generator group

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