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Product classification
The company filled three high science and technology products gaps on solar energy generating, wind turbine nacelle cover and macromolecule resin in north west region of China.

The Nacelle cover of wind drive generator

The Nacelle cover of wind drive generator is a large GRP shell structure, which consists of bottom nacelle, top nacelle, air-vent, supporting wing and protective shell. its main application is a protection for some key parts, such as drive generator, drive system, control and safety system.

The unsaturated polyester resins

The unsaturated polyester resins we produced are made by polycondensation of dicarboxylic acid (or anhydride) or compound acid of unsaturated dicarbosylic acid and saturated dicarbosylic acid (or anhydride) and polyatomic alcohol, which is a linetype polymer compound with ester bond and unsaturated double bond.

The solar energy generating

The solar energy generating is mainly through reflex sunlight to heat-gathering equipment by means of paraboloid condenser then heat the water into steam through the heat-carrier in the equipment and drive the turbine to generate electricity.

Artificial stone

The artificial stone is polymer composites which was made with unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, the nature stone powder, granule as filler and add pigment and other adjuvant through the process of vacuum casting or compression molding.


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